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Raw : We just scan.
Basic : We scan and crop.
Deluxe : Scan, crop, digital edit & colour correct

Unlock the true potential of your original work by choosing to scan and print with us. Experience professional replications that capture every detail with precision and care. You'll receive crisp, high-quality prints for a professional look. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that your documents will be preserved in their original form.

Experience high-quality scans at 600 DPI and 300 DPI using our cutting-edge flatbed scanner. Our unique directional lighting technique captures the artwork's top surface with angled light, creating rich depth, texture, and shadowing. 

RAW SCANNING :  Experience unprocessed, high-quality scans with our raw scanning option. Get a TIF file straight from the scanner, giving you full control to crop, retouch, and colour balance to your desired specifications. Enjoy crisp, untouched images for your creative projects.

BASIC SCANNING:  Transform your artworks into stunning digital copies with our Basic Scanning service! We go beyond just scanning, offering retouching, cropping and dust removal for a polished image. You'll receive both high resolution and web resolution TIFFs. Full colour grading hasn’t been applied, so colours may vary slightly to the original.

DELUXE SCANNING:  As above we also capture your artwork with our full colour grading service during our scanning process! Get a High Res TIF or JPG, Web Res JPG, and A4 print on custom cotton rag or canvas. Our dedication to accuracy ensures that your scans match the original, capturing every detail for a lifetime of enjoyment.